Get a Career With Tips That Will Have You Succeeding For a Lifetime

July 15

career tips

These career tips will help your resume jump out from a sea of applicants.

We can all admit that the importance of having a stable career in a not-so-steady economy is becoming increasingly important. With this in mind, we all wonder what can we do to make our resumes and portfolios jump out from the sea of other prospective applicants. There are four tips that I would recommend that I personally have used in my job searches and have noticed that I have had better luck than if I hadn’t followed them, here they are:

  1. Appear to some have productivity in your resume – There’s always that catch 22 of “You need experience to get experience”. That can be very frustrating, but trust me, if you have a small part- time job to gather that experience first, the bigger full-time job may come later. Make sure you take the time to learn the part-time job well enough where you can take all those qualities and apply them for when you get your full-time position. You’ll be glad you did and starting the larger job will not seem so overwhelming.
  2.   Don’t try to be a “Jack-of-all-trades”- The most natural instinct for many people is to talk themselves up on their resume, so as to make themselves sound like they would be the perfect choice right away. I would definitely make sure to avoid doing this at all costs. Why? Because the reality is that employers want someone who can do one thing very well. Well roundedness can help in certain situations but when it comes to careers, employers want to see someone who has invested time and work into that specific career you’ve been doing that can be of use for this new one you’ve applied to.
  3. Be future Focused- In case you didn’t know resumes are meant to demonstrate to employers the talents you’ve acquired that can only be useful for the future. It’s a chance to tell them “This is where I want to go with what I’ve learned”. Make sure to clearly emphasize to employers that you have what they making a connection of your abilities and what they’re looking for.
  4. Show Consistency- Employers want consistency from who you say you are and what you present on social media profiles. When you apply for a job, organizations in human resources will most likely look you up on social media pages to get a picture of who you are outside of work. Companies want to trust that not only will you be able to represent them well when you’re clocked in but most importantly represent them extremely well outside of the office.

These tips I offer you I feel are not only easy to follow but I believe they will also come of really great help. Feel free to research around Career-Starter for more articles on job searches. You’ll find we offer amazing resources for you as well you can conduct your very own job search. Best of Luck!

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