Top Careers in Demand for 2013

July 16


These following careers are estimated to continue increasing in demand.

In the current economy, the decisions you make in regards to your career have to be carefully calculated so that you are able to find something stable and long-term. Every year you may hear about the top careers that you may want to take in consideration and as you guessed it, this article will do just the same. This article will mention 3 careers that as research has demonstrated, are estimated to increase in hiring demand. Granted, I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll be hired right away (read Career Tips) but if you inform yourself and follow advice on how to land a job, I’m sure you’ll chances of getting a job will be much higher than if you did nothing.

The first career that’s been gaining demand is that of registered nursing. Compared to last year, that job saw an increase in 30+ percent! Registered nurses have a salary range of $72,000 to $79,700. Their responsibilities include working with a variety of patients, performing diagnostic testing as well as overseeing medication and treatments. This career may not be for the faint of heart seeing as people who work in the medical field need a passion and discipline that will allow them to work in an environment where sick patients will be around.

The Second career with increasing popularity is computer systems analysts. This career saw an increase of 11 percent compared to last year’s numbers. A computer systems analyst’s responsibilities include: analyzing an organization’s computer systems to ensure they work efficiently and correctly. They combine information technology and business together by understanding what it takes to make both succeed. The salary range for a computer systems analyst ranges from $83,200 to $100,000. If you like using computers and understand how these systems work, this career may be the perfect fit for you.

Last but certainly not least in gaining professional popularity, is web developing! This may be often confused with computer systems analyst but it’s a career all in its own. This profession saw an increase on 3+ percent compared to last year. A web developer has the responsibilities of creating websites and throughout an entire cycle of custom web development. Web developing has its creative liberties as well as learning the discipline learning how to code and understand it clearly as if it were a language. Their salary range is the same as that of a computer system analyst ($83,200-$100,000). Now that you know what careers are in demand, I recommend you start making your career change ASAP so you can start enjoying your new job and relish in the perks of the fully employed. For more information, don’t hesitate to visit Career-Start. We’ll have you informed and ready to land that job in no time!


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